Fifth Third Bank Access 360 Prepaid Card

The Access 360 card from Fifth Third Bank is a MasterCard debit prepaid card that has no cost to open. It also offers a Zero Liability protection should unauthorized transactions occur. You can make purchases anywhere a debit MasterCard is accepted and have access to a network of over 45,000 fee-free ATMs in the United States.

Why Choose Access 360?

Access 360 does not list any transaction fees for purchases that are made in the United States. The only exception to this would be a transaction in a different currency, which incurs a 0.2% conversion fee on the transaction amount.

Direct deposit amounts are not capped with this debit card, but there is a maximum balance of $10,000 which is allowed. Fifth Third Bank will not load funds more than this cap, even if it is through a direct deposit authorization. This protects your balance should the card become lost or stolen.

This prepaid debit card can also be used for Social Security payments and other US government transfers.

What to Know About the Access 360 Card

There is a $4 monthly fee associated with this prepaid MasterCard from Fifth Third Bank. If an account holder has direct deposit funds of $500 or more in any calendar month, then this fee will be waived by the card issuer. If you have a checking account with Fifth Third Bank, there is no fee for the card, even without a direct deposit.

A $50 deposit is required to open a checking account until May 2, 2017. No minimum deposit is required after that date. Funding to the Access 360 card is required within 45 days of opening the account.

For Fifth Third account holders, the prepaid MasterCard is kept separate from your checking or savings accounts. This means there are no overdraft fees and your cash balance is protected should the card be lost or stolen, but you can still transfer money to your card immediately with your account.

Fuel purchases with this prepaid card do require inside payment with a fixed amount.

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