Akimbo Prepaid Mastercard

Akimbo is a different type of prepaid card. Instead of forcing you into a one-size-fits all solution, you can create a custom card for your budget goals. Then manage your cards with their online app. It’s a way to provide kids with an allowance, stick to a grocery budget, and much more.

With the Akimbo prepaid MasterCard, there is no enrollment fee. There is no monthly fee charged on the account either.

Advantages of the Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard

The Akimbo prepaid card works with today’s mobile pay solutions. If you use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, then you can just tap and go with your card to complete a transaction.

Once approved for the Akimbo MasterCard, you can also send and receive money from anyone within your network.

You have the ability to disable any of your cards in real-time if they get lost. If you happen to find your card later, then you can enable it again in real-time. You’ll also receive SMS text updates in real-time to keep track of each transaction.

You can deposit your regular paycheck, student loan funds, tax refunds, and more onto your Akimbo prepaid card. You can also transfer money to your new card from PayPal or a bank account you already have.

With the Ingo Money App, you can even load checks you’ve received onto your new MasterCard.

There is a maximum combined total of $20,000 that can be placed on this card during a single month. The maximum balance permitted on the card at one time is $9,999.

Fees Associated with the Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard

There is no fee for transactions that involve a signature purchase with the Akimbo MasterCard, making it one of the lowest-fee cards on the market today. If you use a PIN transaction, then there is a $0.99 fee, with a maximum of $4.95 charged per calendar month.

If you create sub-accounts that require an additional card, each new MasterCard issued is $4.95. The first sub-account you create, however, is provided at no cost.

One replacement card is permitted for free every 12 months. If an additional replacement is required within a 12-month period, then a $4.95 issuance fee is charged.

Inactive accounts, at the start of the 13th month of inactivity, are charged a monthly dormancy fee of $5.95.

ATM and balance inquiry fees also apply.

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