Rush Prepaid Card

The Rush prepaid Visa card is an easy way to manage your money in a way that feels similar to a traditional debit card. You can place direct deposits onto this prepaid card, use it to receive payments, and much more.

You can pick from one of 5 different designs to have a card that fits your style. Unlike some other prepaid card options, this one looks like a traditional debit card as well. When you use it, unless someone is familiar with a Rush card, no one will know or care that this is a prepaid card.

Pick the Monthly Plan Which Suits You

The Rush prepaid credit card offers two different monthly plans from which to choose.

You can choose to have a flat monthly fee that offers unlimited purchases for as low as $5.95 per month. To qualify for the lowest monthly rate, a direct deposit stipulation must be met each month. Without direct deposit, the Rush Unlimited Plan is $7.95 per month.

You also have the option to pay as you go with the Rush card. Choosing this option means there will be a $1 fee included for every purchase made on the card.

If you make more than 8 purchases with your debit card per month, the unlimited plan from Rush is the better value.

What Are the Other Fees with the Rush Card?

Unlike other prepaid card options, the Rush prepaid Visa does not require a one-time activation fee. There is a one-time card fee, however, of $3.95 or $9.95, when you first place money on your card. This fee also applies if you decide to change the design of your card after you receive the initial card.

There is no fee to add a direct deposit to the unlimited plan or the pay as you go plan with Rush card either. For some users, funds from their direct deposit may be available up to 48 hours sooner. Just complete the direct deposit form that is available from Rush card, then submit it to your HR department, to complete the process.

Cash additions have no fee from Rush card, though some could be charged by the third-party provider who transfers the balance to the prepaid card.

Because this is a prepaid card, there is no credit check involved with the application process. Your Social Security number is simply required to verify your identity.

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