Regions Now Prepaid Card

Regions offers the Regions Now prepaid card that can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted. Not only is it safe and secure, but it only allows for spending up to the current balance of the card. That way you never need to worry about overspending, negative balances, or excessive fees when using this card.

How to Load the Regions Now Visa Debit

Regions allows current account holders to load their new prepaid Visa debit card by making a transfer through online banking or a mobile deposit. Regions branch offices and their DepositSmart ATMs will also allow for card loading. Users can also load their card at any Visa ReadyLink location.

Is There Additional Security with Regions Now?

To protect your prepaid Regions Now card, a unique three-digit code can be placed onto your new account. This will validate any transaction which is initiated with this debit card. Without the code, a purchase will not be authorized by Regions. This is an additional protection beyond the standard 4-dight PIN and other standard fraud protections.

What Are the Regions Now Fees?

There is a $4 issuance fee for the Regions Now card, but this is waived if there is a Regions check cashing account. A $5 monthly fee applies to this Visa debit card a well, but is waived if there is $500 in monthly direct deposits for the card. Loading or funding the card incurs a $3 fee per transaction, but there isn’t a fee for an initial load at the time of application.

The loading fee is also waived for Regions check cashing.

There is no charge for purchases, either signature or PIN, with the Regions Now prepaid debit card. Out-of-network ATM fees apply, which are $2.50.

Are There Maximum Card Balances with Regions Now?

Regions limits each prepaid card to a maximum balance of $7,500. Combined purchases of up to $3,000 per card each day are allowed. There is also a maximum $808 withdrawal limit for cash access through an ATM.

Funding minimums also apply. The minimum amount for loading is $10, plus any fees. A maximum of $500 in cash or checks is allowed at a DepositSmart ATM.

This card cannot be used for rental cars. Fuel purchases must be PIN-based only.

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