MyVanilla Prepaid Debit Card

MyVanilla is a prepaid debit card, available in either Visa or MasterCard, that will give you a fast and easy way to manage your cash. No credit check is required and no bank account is necessary to get started. You can use this card anywhere that the debit card is accepted, including for online or telephone-based purchases.

What Can Be Done with MyVanilla?

You have two choices with MyVanilla. It can either be purchased as a gift card or it can be used as a reloadable prepaid card. With the reloadable card, there is fee-free direct deposit authorizations and account holders can quickly add cash to their card at any Vanilla Reload center.

Retail centers for MyVanilla include Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. Rapid reloads at Walmart allow cardholders to add funds at the register for $3.74 or less. Reload amounts are available between $20-$500.

Cardholders can also load checks directly into their account with access to the Ingo Money app. It is fee-free for checks that go through a 10-day waiting period.

Does MyVanilla Have a Mobile App?

When approved for the MyVanilla prepaid debit card, cardholders gain access to their account information on their preferred mobile device. The free app provides balance information, allows for transactions to be viewed, and Vanilla Reload locations can be found.

It is also possible to send or receive money from others who have a MyVanilla card. The mobile app allows for money to be sent instantly, making it easier to pay or split bills with others.

Automatic and one-time bill payments can also be authorized through MyVanilla through the helpful Biller Directory.

What Are the Fees with MyVanilla?

There is no monthly fee associated with the MyVanilla prepaid debit card.

Signature and PIN debit purchase transaction fees do apply. Each transaction incurs a $0.50 fee. Domestic ATM withdrawal fees apply for cash access and are $1.95 per transaction. Account holders that use a MoneyPass Network ATM will not pay a surcharge fee.

MyVanilla has dormancy fees as well. If the account is not used in 90 days, which includes deposits, cash withdrawals, or purchases, then a $3.95 monthly fee is applied to the remaining card balance.

You can checkout your MYVanilla card login and prepaid balance at MyVanilla Prepaid Debit Card.

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