U.S. Bank Contour Card

This card was introduced by the U.S bank to its customers in a move to have freedom towards using their money and regulating their bank account as a way of managing their finances.

With this card, the bank customers are presented with a chance to budget their money expenses since they can withdrawal or deposit money into their accounts at any time convenient to them.

The contour card allows the cardholder to open five additional accounts of which are linked to the primary account. This move allows other members of the family to access money from the main account without requiring the cardholder making a physical appearance.

Contour cards can be used in every branch where Visa debit cards are accepted, money pass ATMS and withdrawal from any branch of the U.S bank are free of charge. With contour, you have the control of your money at your fingertips. You will have the advantage of monitoring how members of the family are using the account money by managing it from one point of location, using the primary account.

Also towards adding more of your credit card points, with this card the maximum you can deposit per day is $ 5,000, but they have not stated any monthly limit since you can deposit more than that amount. The disadvantage associated with contour card is that it charges $4 fee for one to get the card and another $ 4 monthly charged for maintaining the card account.

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