AMEX Serve Card

The American Express Serve prepaid debit card is one of the easiest ways to control cash that comes from multiple sources. You can use this card for direct deposit purposes, setup online bill paying, and add money to it whenever you wish. Just register online for the prepaid debit card and it will come in the mail in about 5-10 business days.

What Are the Benefits of the AMEX Serve Card?

The American Express Serve debit card offers a low-fee user experience. Online bill paying is free and so are ATM withdrawals that occur at any MoneyPass branded ATM location. This means free access to your cash on this prepaid debit card is available at over 24,000 different locations.

It can also be free to reload the Serve card. American Express offers more than 45,000 different locations where you can add money to your card. This includes several major retailers, including Walmart, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, CVS, and 7-ELEVEN.

This prepaid debit card also offers a small rewards benefit. If you use the Serve card to make an in-store or online purchase, then you’ll receive a 1% cash back reward that is automatically added to your balance. These funds can be used on any future purchase.

You Can Directly Transfer Money to the AMEX Serve Card

Your prepaid account with American Express can also be linked to a current bank account or with a debit card that is currently in your possession. This will allow you to transfer money directly from a primary account to the prepaid debit card.

You can also cash your checks and have the balance placed on the Serve card thanks to a helpful mobile app. AMEX has partnered with Ingo Money so that their Mobile Check Capture app can be used to cash checks, with the funds being placed into your prepaid debit account.

Some monthly fees do apply. Some accounts may be subjected to a cash reload fee. For checks cashed through the mobile app, a 10-day waiting period is required to avoid fees.

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