TransCash Visa Prepaid Card

TransCash offers a set of prepaid debit cards with 2 separate accounts for applicants allowing for a Visa and a MasterCard to be held by a primary and secondary user. This makes it easy to transfer money between the accounts, allowing for faster and simpler sharing.

General purpose, travel, and payroll reloadable cards are also available as stand-alone products of the dual-pack prepaid debit card is not the right option for your specific needs.

How Does TransCash Work?

TransCash uses a dual system of prepaid cards. One is offered for personal use, while the other is used to support remittances. Funds can be moved between the accounts in real time. Applicants can request up to 10 supplementary cards in total, though each customer is allowed a maximum of 2 packs.

Direct deposit can be placed on either the Visa or MasterCard that is offered by TransCash. Funds can also be added via ACH transfers, Visa ReadyLink, MoneyGram locations, or TransCash self-service kiosk that are available at 7-Eleven stores.

For the general purpose card, a $5,000 maximum balance applies. The payroll card option has a $10,000 maximum balance amount. Cardholders are limited to 10 loading actions per month, with a maximum daily load limit amount of $950.

What Is the TransCash Fee Schedule?

Each of the prepaid debit card options that are available through TransCash have a purchasing fee of $9.99. There is also a monthly membership fee, which includes the 2 cards in the dual-pack option, of $9.99. This allows for a number of transactions to be included when using the card, including signature or PIN purchases or declines.

Withdrawing funds from an ATM incurs a $1.00 charge for domestic machines and $2.50 for international machines. An ATM decline has a $0.75 fee.

Loading fees may also apply and could include third-party fees in addition to the $3.00 Transload fee charged by certified agents or the TransCash website. Visa ReadyLink reloads have a $1 fee in addition to the ReadyLink fees.

A $3.99 customer service call for after-hours support may also apply if requesting a live agent.

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