smiONE Prepaid Card

With the smiONE prepaid Visa debit card, you’ve got the same benefits of a traditional bank account without all the hassle of having one. No credit check is required and you get to control how much you load and spend with this card.

This prepaid card also offers merchant offers through Visa to all account holders and provides access to practical money skills that can be used to teach smart spending.

How Does the smiONE Prepaid Card Work?

There are multiple ways to add money to the smiONE Visa debit card. Direct deposit is accepted, as are card-to-card-transfers. You can also go to a Visa ReadyLink provider, Western Union, or MoneyGram to add funds to your balance.

Then you can use this card as if it were any other Visa debit or credit card. You have access to account statements and can setup text or email balance alerts. Up to 5 cards can be added to a single account and an online account dashboard is available for real-time information.

Cardholders may also qualify for cash back on their account.

It may require 1-2 payment cycles for a direct deposit or government benefit transaction to be applied to the smiONE prepaid Visa debit card.

What Are the Fees of the smiONE Prepaid Visa?

The smiONE prepaid Visa debit card has one of the highest maximum limits in the industry today, allowing for up to $50,000 to be on the card at any given time. There is no limit to the number of purchases that are available and no fees charged for them.

Cardholders are permitted one no-cost ATM withdrawal at a Commerce Bank ATM and unlimited no-cost withdrawals from Allpoint Network ATMs, though daily withdrawal caps and limits are available. Financial institutions which display the Visa logo offer unlimited no-cost bank teller transactions.

Smione Card

A $3 monthly account maintenance fee does apply to all accounts. Domestic ATM fees that occur out-of-network are $1.50 per withdrawal and $0.75 per inquiry, while international fees are $2.00 and $1.00 respectively.

smiONE also charges a $1 fee for a live agent customer service call. Bill payment fees of $0.75 per transaction may also apply for some users.

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