Green dot card

It can be used to pay goods and services online. While applying for this card, no credit check is carried out nor do they request for an upfront fee, in addition to the zero minimum balance maintenance. The money stored in this card is protected against any unauthorized use.

Once you sign up for this card, you will be able to receive updates and monitor transactions by using text alerts, using their website or their mobile app.

The various ways to reload green dot card account can be done through directly depositing your money in the account, transferring money from certain bank to the account, and also you can reload by using participating retailers registers. They have numerous ATMs out branches that you can use to withdrawal your cash free of charge.

Hence, with green dot card, you will have the chance to access your funds conveniently due to the numerous ATM branches available. The card can be personalized by having your name on it, therefore, to carry out any transaction you must properly be identified as the real owner, controlling your money and protecting any money fraud.

The card costs $ 4.95 and charges $ 5.95 monthly fee of which can be waived if you reload the account with $1,000 every month.

They can also be used to send money; free of charge to other accounts such PayPal and other green dot cards. In case the card gets stolen and the money used without the owner permission, federal regulations directs the green dot company to reimburse the card owner.

A disadvantage of using this card is that the $ 4.95 fee charged every time you reload your account can pile up hence you need to reload using a high amount to avoid quick depletion and experience refilling charge.

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