AccountNow Prepaid Mastercard

The AccountNow prepaid MasterCard provides a checking account alternative which offers the convenience of a debit card. Account holders can add cash to their prepaid card at more than 135,000 locations, including Western Union and MoneyGram locations.

AccountNow is an option that is provided by Green Dot Corporation, which provides several prepaid card options under different brand names.

With the direct deposit feature, some cardholders could save $250 or more annually by eliminating check-cashing fees. It is possible to add money to the AccountNow MasterCard through PayPal or a traditional banking account as well.

Benefits of Choosing the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard

One of the unique benefits that cardholders receive with the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard is a direct deposit bonus. A $15 bonus is directly applied to your card balance when a recurring direct deposit of $500 or more occurs over 2+ consecutive months. To apply for the bonus, cardholders must contact the redemption number at 1 (877) 553-3767.

The application for the $15 bonus must occur within 6 months of opening a new account with this prepaid option.

Like a traditional debit card, you can also use this prepaid MasterCard for foreign purchases. A 3% fee of the total transaction amount is applied when a foreign currency transaction is initiated.

You can shop everywhere this card is accepted by merchants. You can use this card to get cash at an ATM. You can also add cash to your prepaid card at thousands of in-person locations or by using your mobile device.

If you cannot open a checking account for any reason, AccountNow provides you an option that can provide you with some peace of mind with fewer fees than some competitors.

Important Fees to Consider with the AccountNow MasterCard

The AccountNow MasterCard prepaid card comes with a $9.95 monthly service charge.

For ACH transactions which use the bank routing number and your account number, a $2.50 fee per transaction is charged. Using a bill paying service can reduce these fees and AccountNow offers a list of third-party service providers to new account holders.

Everyone is accepted for the AccountNow MasterCard. There is no credit check involved with the application process. Bad credit or no credit? Doesn’t matter. Even if you are on ChexSystems, you are eligible for this prepaid card that acts just like a regular checking account.

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