ADP has created the ALINE card so that employers and employees have an easy way to transfer and spend money without the need to cash a paycheck. This is a reloadable Visa card which can be used as a credit card for in-store or online purchases.

It is generally available through an employee’s HR department and offered as an alternative to a direct deposit. For those who are already members and hold this card, you can reactivate it instead of applying for a new one by calling 1 (877) 237-4321.

If there are balance concerns, employees must talk with their HR department. ADP does allow all members to view their paycheck online with their ALINE card, however, and other work-related documents can be viewed as well. This includes a W2 statement, Form 1095-C, and 1099s that may be issued to document employee income.

What If I Get Locked Out of My ALINE Card?

Because of the sensitive nature of the information that is accessible through the ALINE card by ADP, access to an account will be locked out after exceeding the number of authorized login attempts. Should this occur, ADP does not have control over online account access. An employee would need to go to their HR department to have their portal access reset.

The client administrator of the ALINE card program at every employer can reset employee passwords or access. The iPay password is also controlled by the local administrator.

What Are the Advantages of the ALINE Card?

For employees with no bank access or credit card holdings, the ALINE card makes it possible to spend money using modern methods in a low-cost way.

ADP Payroll Service Centers are open every day, including major holidays like Christmas or Easter. This allows employers to run their payroll on bank holidays if necessary, though a holiday processing may delay employee access to their paycheck.

The ALINE card also works with several different ADP products that can be used for employee benefits. This includes labor management, employee retirement, and regulatory compliance products.

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