Cascade Prepaid Mastercard

The Cascade prepaid MasterCard is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the benefits of holding a debit card. There is no credit check with this prepaid card, which means the application process is simple and straight-forward. Just provide your information and you’ll receive your card.

All funds that are loaded onto this prepaid MasterCard are FDIC-insured by Sunrise Banks in the United States. That means your money is protected.

You also receive around-the-clock customer service options if you encounter an issue with your card, including email, text, or live chat.

How to Use Your New Cascade Prepaid MasterCard

Direct deposit is possible with the Cascade prepaid MasterCard. Give your direct deposit information, which includes this card, to your HR department to have the paycheck loaded on the card.

You can connect your card to an existing savings or checking account as well.

Cardholders who receive benefits directly from the U.S. government can have them deposited to this card as well.

Cascade is also part of the rePower Load Network offered by MasterCard. That means there are thousands of in-store locations where money can be loaded onto the card.

There is also a rewards program with this prepaid card, called “FriendSpend Rewards.” These rewards are redeemed as cash in your account whenever family or friends make a non-PIN purchase. Up to 6 generations of referrals can bring rewards to your account each month. There is no limit to the size of your “Spending Squad.”

If you spend $350 in qualifying purchases, there are opportunities to double certain rewards as well. The rewards program is optional for cardholders.

What Are the Fee Structures of the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard?

The Cascade prepaid MasterCard offers one of the most user-friendly fee structures that is available for consumers right now. New accounts have a $3.99 one-time charge, which is waived if $20 if placed on the card during enrollment.

There is a $4.99 monthly service fee with this card, which is also waived if $750 was loaded in the previous months.

There is a network of more than 55,000 ATMs where cardholders can access their money without a surcharge. Outside of this network, there is a $3 withdrawal fee that is charged.

Cascade also provides one of the lowest foreign transaction fees available today, beating even some traditional credit and debit cards. International purchase fees are just 2% of the purchase, instead of the standard 3%.

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