PNC Bank SmartAccess Prepaid Visa

PNC SmartAccess is a prepaid Visa card that is offered by PNC Bank. It allows account holders an opportunity to make purchases, deposit funds, and pay bills for a flat monthly servicing fee of $5. Users can set up a direct deposit, add cash with a deposit at any PNC Bank branch, or take advantage of Visa ReadyLink retail locations to add funds.

Once approved, you can also set up text alerts or email alerts for updates to your prepaid card’s transaction history. Low balance alerts are also available. You can also keep up-to-date on your prepaid debit card with the SmartAccess mobile app.

A $25 initial deposit is required to receive the SmartAccess prepaid Visa debit card.

What Are the Fees Associated with SmartAccess?

There are no fees for making purchases with the SmartAccess prepaid debit card for domestic purchases. International purchases may qualify for a foreign transaction fee.

For those with access to PNC Bank ATMs, there is no fee for a balance inquiry or withdrawal. At non-PNC Bank ATMs in North America, there is a $2.50 fee for a withdrawal or a balance inquiry. This fee doubles when using an international ATM.

All reload options with the SmartAccess card are free. This includes reloads that occur through a secondary prepaid card that has been authorized on the account. If using ReadyLink services, third-party reloading fees may apply.

This allows users to gain the ability to shop online or over the phone. There is a maximum limit of $2,500 for point-of-sale transactions with this account. Primary and secondary cardholders both contribute to the maximum purchase daily cap that is in place.

If your card is ever lost or stolen, then contact PNC Bank immediately at 1 (866) 304-2818 to report the problem and have a new card or refund issued.

Additional Services Available to SmartAccess Prepaid Card Holders

When you hold the SmartAccess prepaid debit card, you’re given access to several cash alternatives and check-cashing programs through PNC Bank at discounted rates. Money orders are $0.49 each with this card. Cashier’s checks are $10 each. Traveler’s checks are also available at 2-3% of the face value.

Checks drawn on PNC Bank accounts have no check cashing fee with the SmartAccess prepaid debit card

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