BB&T Money Account Prepaid Debit Card

Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) Company offers a prepaid debit card that can be approved in just minutes. It does not require a separate bank account or a minimum credit score for approval. Use it to make purchases or pay bills while spending only the money that is available on the prepaid card.

What Are the Benefits of the MoneyAccount Debit Card?

MoneyAccount by BB&T has created a prepaid debit card that operates like a checking account with a Visa debit card. Account holders can spend their money wherever Visa is accepted with this card. It can be linked to Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, and other secure mobile payment programs.

You will never overdraw on this account. If there isn’t enough cash available with the balance on this prepaid card, then the transaction will be decline. This lets users avoid the high overdraft fees that can be present on other prepaid cards.

Joint accounts are possible with MoneyAccount as well, making it possible to share a balance with children, a spouse, other relatives, or whomever you like.

BB&T also offers a Deals Program which can be accessed with the MoneyAccount prepaid debit card. Log into your account, then click on your preferred deal. When you shop with this Visa debit, you’ll be able to earn cash back on that purchase.

How Are Funds Added to MoneyAccount?

Cash can be added to the MoneyAccount prepaid debit card by depositing cash or checks at any authorized financial center. Account holders which have other BB&T accounts can transfer money directly to the prepaid card.

BB&T allows for direct deposit enrolling, which allows for paychecks, government refunds, and specific government benefits to be added directly to the card.

MoneyAccount also works with Visa ReadyLink and Ingo.

There is a $5 monthly fee associated with this card, but this fee is reduced to $3 if more than $1,000 in deposits or cash loading occurs during the month. Cash withdrawals at any BB&T ATM are free.

Call 1 (800) 226-5228 or visit for more information about BB&T Money Account Prepaid Debit Card.