Control Prepaid MasterCard

With the Control prepaid MasterCard, there is no credit check. Receiving the card simply required ID verification upon card activation. Once activated, there is no risk of an overdraft fee. There are no late fees. There isn’t a credit check. Even the funds added to this prepaid card are FDIC-insured up to the current coverage limit.

Cards are typically received 7-10 business days after applying.

Why Choose the Prepaid MasterCard from Control?

There are no loading fees for direct deposits when using the Control prepaid MasterCard. If you reload this card with cash at a NetSpend network location, then a third-party fee may apply to the transaction, but there isn’t a fee levied by the card issuer.

Account-to-account transfer fees which occur online are also free. Linking to your current bank account and some digital financial service providers, such as PayPal, may also be available for some users.

Online account center inquiry fees are also free. Account holders can also email or text for their current prepaid debit card balance without experiencing a fee.

What Are the Terms of the Prepaid Mastercard from Control?

There is no cost to an applicant to open an account with the Control prepaid MasterCard. Once the account is open, there are two purchase fee plan options from which to choose. The basic fee plan, which is automatically effective, charges a $7.95 monthly maintenance fee, but all signature and PIN transactions are included with the plan.

You can switch to the Discounted Fee plan by calling 1 (866) 753-6324 or by logging into your online account. This plan offers a monthly maintenance fee of $5, but on the condition that at least $500 in direct deposits are placed on the prepaid card monthly.

ATM fees are also competitive, at just $2.50 per withdrawal plus any third-party operator fees that might apply. There are declined transaction fees for purchases and at ATMs of $1.

This card can be used anywhere that a debit MasterCard is accepted.

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