Mango money Prepaid Card

This card can be used to pay for services and buy goods at any cash register accepting the mango money card just like the other prepaid debit cards, the only difference being that with mango money card you don’t need to have a bank account.

Having bad credit history limits people from opening their free checking accounts; this card does not allow for credit background check and hence enables people with or without credit issues to manage their finances effectively.

Provides free card activation, checking account balance online and the card is free. This card charges a monthly fee of 5$ of which can be skipped if you load the card with 500$ per month. Besides, this card presents an option where you can freely deposit directly your monthly paycheck hence escaping the 5$ monthly deposit charge.

Money can be deposited in this card using green dot money paks which provide safe way of transferring money to exact destinations. Money Paks can also be used to reload the mango money card or even transfer to other accounts.

Another mode of refilling this card would be transferring your money from a linked bank to your account of which is free of charge although some banks might charge little transactions fee. One can also send money to another mango account through the use of text message in their mobile phones in receiving and checking balance over the phone is free except the SMS is charged $.50.

The card allows the owner to send money to his or her relatives and friends by just loading their mango money cards accounts, hence eliminating the need to use checks which might get lost on the way. Other charges involved include the 2$ withdrawal charge and foreign currency conversion of 2%.

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