ACE Elite card

The application is done online or visiting any of the ACE Elite card branches. With this card, you can get government or your payroll directly loading your money and other benefits into your account. The need for carrying and receiving a check becomes eliminated.

Checks can be lost on the way during the transaction and hence it provides a safe method of payment.

Besides, the funds in your ACE Elite card are insured by the FDIC. By downloading the ACE Elite mobile app, you will be able to track your money balance since you will receive an email or a text alert every time the card is used for any transaction. It enables you to withdraw up to $ 300 per day absolutely for free in the various ACE branches nationwide.

While using the ACE Elite Mobile app you can manage your account wherever you are and also be able to identify closest reload points you can use to reload your account. Having your money in this account is a form of saving.

It is because the account provides a five percentage interest yield increase annually for your money. You can also earn card rewards when you use your purchase goods using your card. Such special offers are provided at the various locations results to the card company adding more to your account if you have utilized the special offers they had provided.

The card charges $ 5 per month as part of account maintenance and withdraws free of charge.

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