Chase Liquid card

Chase Liquid Prepaid Card

This prepaid credit account requires no fees while one is applying and activating for the chase liquid card. One has just to avail him/herself in a chase branch to apply for this card. Card holders can operate this account without having any minimum balance requirement in such account. It doesn’t also require any overdraft fees.

The card is provided free of charge and money withdrawal from any Chase ATM absolutely free of charge. The daily withdrawal accepted using this card is up to $ 3,000. As such it is efficient for the business clientele who have to pay for numerous purchases throughout their daily activities.

Loading money in the account can be made through directly depositing money in the account, transferring from one chase account to another and through the use checks.

Chase liquid protects the owner from any fraud during purchase since you pay after receiving the product purchased online. Also, the chase liquid card can be used to transfer money online to other non-chase card accounts. Some of its drawbacks are that although the card can be used to deposit checks, it doesn’t allow you a chance to write a check. The other one is that you have to link this card to a Chase checking account.

If you don’t want to link it to the checking account, you can opt to pay a service fee of $ 4.95 on a monthly basis. The card allows free withdrawals from Chase branches and ATMs, but in case you are not near such withdrawal joints, then you cannot be able to access and withdrawal your money elsewhere for free unless you pay the ATM withdrawal fee which varies from one state to another.

Hence, you have to be around the designated withdrawal points to access your money.

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