Excella Prepaid Visa

The Excella prepaid Visa card has no cost to purchase or activate. There is no credit check and a bank account is not reequired. You receive a prepaid card that is safer than carrying cash with you, gives you more control of your money, and is convenient for in-store and online transactions. Three card color options are available.

Once approved, cards are received in 7-10 business days. You can also apply at any Excella retail location to receive an instant-issue card, though this is generally limited to the metro-area of New York City.

Why Choose the Excella Prepaid Visa?

Excella offers one of the few prepaid card options that will allow users to establish a savings account. There are no monthly fees for the savings account and competitive interest rates are paid on this program.

An unlimited purchase plan is also available for this prepaid Visa card. This plan requires a monthly fee, but allows for unlimited transactions on the card. It is recommended for users who anticipate making more than 10 purchases per month with their new Excella card. You can make the plan change by logging into your online account after a successful application or by calling 1 (877) 599-3742.

Cash-back rewards are available with Excella as well. This program is customized for each user, based on their spending habits. You can review offers from your online dashboard and authorize the ones you wish to use. The savings will automatically be applied with each qualifying purchase.

Important Terms to Know with the Excella Prepaid Visa

Excella has a maximum spending limit of $2,525 on this prepaid card program. The maximum value of all cards associated with your account is $10,000. There is also a withdrawal maximum of $500 at an ATM.

There is an ATM withdrawal fee of $3 that applies. Purchasing transactions of $1-$2 will also apply, unless using the unlimited purchase plan, which is $10 per month.

Preauthorized amounts are automatically declined with this prepaid Visa, including at fuel dispensers. Holds may be placed at establishments which authorize tipping for up to 20% of the purchase amount.

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