Cash Passport Multiple Currency Prepaid Card

The Cash Passport prepaid debit MasterCard is one of the few available cards available right now which offers multi-currency transactions without high exchange rates. When you apply for this card, the exchange rates are locked in immediately, letting you know what to expect when you travel.

Multiple currencies are available on this one card, including the US Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, and Mexican Peso.

What Are the Security Features of Cash Passport?

To ensure safety, no matter what currency is being used, Cash Passport employs chip and PIN technology for international transactions. Then, if you run out of a specific currency that is on your card, Cash Passport will automatically revert to the next one that is available to determine if the bill can be covered. In this instance, a foreign exchange fee will be charged.

Global customer assistance is available with Cash Passport as well. Account holders also have access to an online dashboard. If you lose your card or believe it was stolen, then Cash Passport can offer emergency cash, up to the amount on the card, and have it replaced in 2-5 business days.

Secondary cards are available with this prepaid debit MasterCard, but there may only be 1 active card account at any given time.

What Are the Fees and Limits of Cash Passport?

There is a $9.95 card purchase fee which applies to all accounts. This initiation fee also applies to a secondary card if desired.

There is a $5 fee to reload money onto this card.

Withdrawal fees are based on the currency that is being used. In most instances, it is the equivalent to $2.50 in US Dollars, but some exceptions do apply. There is no ATM balance inquiry fee with Cash Passport.

There are no purchase transaction fees with this multi-currency card either.

There is no monthly maintenance fee, but if the Cash Passport prepaid debit card is not used for 6 months, a $3 monthly inactivity will apply.

The minimum initial loading amount for this card is $200 and that is also the minimum reloading amount. Account holders may maintain a maximum card balance of $8,500, although the maximum amount that may be loaded onto this card in any given 12-month period is $30,000.

A $5,000 purchasing limit and $1,000 ATM withdrawal limit also apply.

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