PrestigePay Prepaid Card

PrestigePay offers one of the most comprehensive prepaid cards for those who receive government benefits. 15 different types of US Federal benefit programs are eligible for direct deposit with this card. Account holders may even receive up to 4 days’ early access to their benefits when signing up for this program. Military pensions, SSI, and even active military pay all qualify.

What Are the Fees of the PrestigePay Prepaid Card?

PrestigePay offers a prepaid card with no PIN purchase or signature fees. There are no overdraft fees and no minimum balance requirements. Account holders can also withdrawal their cash from inside a financial institution without a fee.

There is a $4.95 activation fee which applies to new account holders. For users who do not have a direct deposit setup on this prepaid card or have a Federal benefit load, then there is a monthly fee of $7.95. Those with benefits or direct deposits receive a $5 per month discount on the monthly maintenance fee.

If a transaction is declined for some reason when using the PrestigePay prepaid card, then a $0.25 fee per incident applies.

For those who use an ACH unload, using the routing number and your account number to access funds, a $1 fee applies per initiated transaction. Account holders receive one complimentary ATM withdrawal each month, but then a $2.50 per transaction fee applies.

Inactivity fees after 90 days and requests to close the card and receive a paper check for any remaining balance have $4.95 fees respectively.

Does It Cost Anything to Add Money to this Prepad Card?

PrestigePay does not charge any loading fees when adding funds to their prepaid debit card. This includes funds that are added via Western Union, MoneyGram, GreenDot, or ReadyLink. PayPal transfers are also available, as are card-to-card transfers, with fees as well. Retail reloads are also fee-free.

Retail or provider fees may apply, but these are third-party fees that are outside of the control of PrestigePay.

Account holders also have access to a helpful mobile app that works on iOS and Android devices, allowing for access to the card’s transaction history. It is also a free way to check on the current balance of the card.

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