CashPass Visa Prepaid Card

Cashpass Prepaid Card

CashPass makes it easy to get a prepaid debit card. You can choose from two different plans during the application process: Premier Visa or Premier Percent Visa. The Premier plan allows users to have unlimited signature transactions without a fee. There is a $6.95 monthly fee, not loading fees for direct deposits and no activation fee.

The Premier Percent Visa is a pay as you go plan. It has a 2% loading fee, but users have unlimited signature transactions without a fee. There is no monthly service fee or activation fee either, and direct deposits are not subject to the loading fee.

What Are the Benefits of the CashPass Visa?

CashPass allows for pre-authorization amounts to be placed on the card for specific transactions. Using this prepaid Visa at a gas pump, for example, will allow a maximum of $75 to be pre-authorized from the balance. Merchants which allow for tipping may be authorized for up to 20% of the purchase transaction.

There is no charge to sign up for direct deposit with a new CashPass card. Unlike some other accounts, however, a large direct deposit amount will not waive the monthly account maintenance fee with this program.

A number of tools are included with this prepaid card, including identity theft protection and Visa’s Many Your Pay program. You can also load cash onto this card at any participating CashPass location.

What Are the Terms of the CashPass Visa?

With the Premier plan, your reloading fees at retailers, MoneyGram, Western Union, or ReadyLink are specific. It’s a $2 fee, along with a retailer surcharge that may apply. On the pay as you go plan, the 2% fee has a maximum amount of $20.

The rest of the fee schedule for these two plans is the same. PIN transactions are subject to a $1 fee which doubles for an international transaction. Electronic bill paying fees are $1. Domestic ATM withdrawals are subject to a $2 fee, which is $3.50 for international ATMs.

The one fee to note with this card is the account closure or balance refund fee. Closing the CashPass Visa prepaid card results in a $10 fee.

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