NexsCard Prepaid Visa

The NexsCard is offered by Prepaid Ventures, which is based in New York and offers a full suite of end-to-end banking services. One of those services happens to be the NexsCard prepaid Visa. Account holders are offered a mobile app and one-on-one customer support for early access to government benefits or direct deposit.

Funds availability with the NexsCard is usually within 1 hour, but some funds may be held for up to 48 hours. NexsCard does allow for hold periods to be shortened by calling 1 (800) 221-6504 to verify a loading transaction.

What Are the Fees of the NexsCard?

NexsCard charges a new card sale fee of $4.95. This applies to all new accounts. There is no monthly maintenance fee, but transaction fees do apply. Domestic signature transactions have a $1 fee, while international transactions have a $2.95 fee. Domestic pin transactions have a $1.50 fee, while international PIN transactions have a $3.50 fee.

Loading fees also apply when using NexsCard, including with direct deposit. An Agnet Service Fee of 2.5% of the total direct deposit amount is charged for each loading transaction. Retail locations and Visa ReadyLink have a cash load fee of $2.00. Western Union or MoneyGram loading has a $1 fee.

This does not include any third-party fees.

ATM cash withdrawal fees of $2.50 domestically and $4.95 internationally apply to this prepaid debit card as well.

Account holders are permitted 3 free calls per month to an automated customer service line for assistance. Additional calls are $0.35 each.

Are There Card Usage Limitations with NexsCard?

NexsCard limits the number of card-to-card transfers and cash loads that are available to account holders. Transfers are limited to 10 per month, while cash loading is restricted to three loads per calendar day.

The maximum cumulative amount that may be taken from an ATM or bank teller is $800 daily, with 4 total withdrawals permitted each day. Maximum spending from an approved retail location is $2,500 daily.

All funds in a NexsCard prepaid Visa debit card are FDIC-insured.

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