H&R Block Emerald

H&R Block Emerald Card

Prepaid debit cards are often handed out at tax preparation sites to receive a tax refund or refund advance immediately. This convenience can now be accessed every day thanks to the H&R Block Emerald prepaid MasterCard. This debit card works with all other Emerald products through its mobile banking app, giving account holders one-stop access to manage their funds.

What Are the Benefits of the Emerald MasterCard?

Emerald allows you to link your prepaid debit card to an external checking account. This makes it very easy to transfer funds to your prepaid card while protecting your other balances.

You can find ATM locations, reload locations, and check your current card balance thanks to the Emerald app, which can be downloaded for free on iTunes or the Android marketplace. The app will also provide account holders with access to weekly rewards opportunities that can earn cash back on specific transactions.

There are no transaction fees associated with signature or PIN purchases with this prepaid debit card. If using the online or mobile bill paying feature, regular delivery transactions do incur a $0.95 for each item. Expedited payments have a $2 fee.

If you believe your card is lost or stolen, there is no fee to replace it.

Details About the Emerald Card H&R Block

There is no set-up or monthly activity charge fee associated with the Emerald prepaid MasterCard. Direct deposits and transfers from a bank account allow for fee-free loading. Check-to-card is also fee-free, though requires a 10-day waiting period.

Account holders can usually get cash back at a store with their Emerald card without a fee. When using an ATM, there is a $3 fee associated with this card. Users can request a check or one-time ACH transaction without a fee.

If there is no credit or debit activity on the Emerald card for a minimum of two consecutive monthly periods, then a $4.95 per month maintenance fee may apply until the card is used once again.

Receipts will be issued for transactions above $15. H&R Block recommends that these receipts be kept to verify your monthly transactions when using this prepaid card.

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