BBVA Compass ClearSpend Card

The ClearSpend prepaid debit card from BBVA Compass is a secure alternative to carrying checks or cash. It is a Visa prepaid card, allowing users to make purchases in-store or online with ease. An accompanying app with the ClearSpend card also allows users to track their spending habits with every purchase.

There are no overdraft fees with this card from BBVA Compass and no purchase transaction fees.

Why Choose the ClearSpend Card from BBVA Compass?

There are no ongoing loading fees associated with the ClearSpend card. BBVA Compass charges a $4 initial load fee, but this fee is removed after putting money onto this card for the first time.

There is a $4 monthly service charge associated with this account as well. Unlike other prepaid debit cards, however, this fee is completely waived as long as $400 or more is loaded onto the ClearSpend card every calendar month.

Some applicants may receive an offer to have the $4 monthly service fee waived upon approval for up to 6 months.

BBVA Compass also gives users access to several budget-management tools through their app. You can set spending goals that are realistic for your budget, see a summary of your transactions in several spending categories, and then receive customized recommendations from BBVA Compass about where you could cut expenses.

The BBVA Compass app works on iOS and Android devices.

How to Add Funds to the ClearSpend Card

Funds can be added to the ClearSpend prepaid debit card by bring cash or checks to any BBVA Compass branch. This card can also be loaded by bringing funds to any Visa ReadyLink location. Debit cards from established BBVA Compass accounts can be linked to the ClearSpend card for instant transfers.

Funds can also be transferred to this prepaid card through the BBVA Compass app.

Several services will also directly transfer money to the ClearSpend card. You’ll need your ClearSpend account number and your routing number, which is found in the app. PayPal, Venmo, and Popmoney will currently transfer money. You can also link a traditional checking account in this way.

Transfers typically take up to 3 business days to complete. Direct deposits may have faster access for some applicants.

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