Prepaid MasterCard or Visa offers applicants access to a wide range of prepaid MasterCard designs. It is one of the few prepaid card opportunities that allows users to express their personality with a unique image on the face of the card. There are thousands of designs available from which to choose, encompassing sports, music, entertainment, and other personal preferences.

You can also choose the branding on your card. It can be a MasterCard debit or a Visa debit. also allows for a Family of Cards plan for those who are looking to improve upon household budgeting.

Why Choose the Card.Com Prepaid Card?

The family of prepaid cards, both MasterCard and Visa, offer a low-fee user experience. Both the single card and the Family of Cards plans have a $9.95 monthly fee associated with them, but single card users can have this fee waived with at least $1,000 in monthly direct deposits.

There is no cash withdrawal fee from an ATM if a MoneyPass Network ATM is used. Other ATM withdrawals have a $2.95 fee, which is in addition to the local ATM fee. This applies to international ATMs as well.

Transaction fees are not associated with this card.

Where Can Money Be Loaded onto the Prepaid Card?

Several major retailers provide access to money loading with the prepaid MasterCard or Visa. This includes CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. This program also participates in the Green Dot Reload at the Register Program and is compatible with MoneyPak. has also partnered with Western Union to make it possible to reload your card with an instant cash transfer. You can also link your Google Wallet or your PayPal account to this prepaid card.

Walmart allows for check cashing as a method of adding funds to this prepaid debit card. A check cashing app is also available.

Loading fees for in-person or online transfers may be up to $5.95 or more, depending on the retailer or provider and their terms and conditions.

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