Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card

This card has just entered the credit cards market, and it’s believed to be bringing on board stiff competition against other cards in the market. It is easy to use and obtain especially for anybody who is above 18 years and has already being assigned a social security number.

It also provides mobile notifications on spending monitoring and alerting the owner in case of fraud, charges no application cost and has no operating minimum balance. It also comes handy in six different color styles to meet individual customer preference.

This card is a reloadable debit card of which there are numerous ways that you can reload your money in the card. In additional, the maintenance fee of the card is also very cheap if you compare it with that charged to maintain the other cards.

Once you have acquired this card, you can reload your money using the numerous options. Such as through card to card transfers, using MoneyGram’s, from your PayPal and Amazon accounts, available Visa ready links, you can also deposit money directly from your paycheck and through taking a snapshot of a check using the kaiku mobile application.

The different reloading methods ensure that in case one method is not available you can still use the other ways to reload your card.

It saves time and is efficient as you can you can load your account instantly and continue enjoying services you wanted. It also allows for free of charge withdrawal or deposit from the ATMs and another point of sales accepting the Kaiku debit card.

Although it provides such benefits this card doesn’t improve your credit score however if any fraudulent are done using the card, visa limits your personal liability towards paying for such purchases.

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