MileagePlus GO Visa Prepaid Card

Airline mileage rewards are usually reserved for credit cards. With the MileagePlus GO Visa prepaid card, everyone is offered the opportunity to earn airline miles for their everyday spending habits.

There are two purchase plan options available with this prepaid card. With the monthly plan, cardholders are charged $5.95 each month and receive 1 mile for every $2 that is spent on signature purchases that qualify under the user agreement.

The annual plan, at $85 per year, doubles the rewards. Cardholders receive a 1-for-1 exchange on miles for each qualifying purchase.

Miles are limited to 2,500 each month.

Why Choose the MileagePlus GO Visa Prepaid Card?

Like most prepaid cards today, there are no fees associated with a direct deposit that is assigned to this prepaid card. Account-to-account transfers are also free for cardholders, though the website must be used to complete the transaction.

This is also true for several government benefits that are issued by the U.S. government. Some states may also allow authorized unemployment benefits to be directly deposited onto this prepaid card.

No fees are associated with balance inquiries with the MileagePlus GO Visa prepaid card. Some ATM owner fees may apply, as may standard data and message rates for email or SMS text balance inquiries.

There is no account maintenance fee associated with this prepaid card either, even with a prolonged time period of inactivity.

No minimum balance is required, though funds must be present to cover plan fees before any purchases will be allowed on the card. Ordering this prepaid card with mileage rewards will not affect a personal credit history.

Expected Costs of the MileagePlus GO Visa Prepaid Card

This rewards-based prepaid card does not charge transaction fees for signature purchases or PIN purchases. ATM withdrawals are also fee-free if cardholders use the MoneyPass Network of ATMs.

Additional cards may be added to the account for $9.95 each. Replacement cards carry the same fee.

Otherwise, a $2.50 fee per withdrawal, plus local ATM fees, may apply.

The foreign transaction fee with the MileagePlus GO prepaid card is 3.5% of the US dollar amount of the purchase, once converted from the foreign currency.

Cash withdrawal fees from over-the-counter services are $2.50 per action, which may also include the foreign transaction fee in certain situations.

Some users may encounter withdrawal fees at Netspend Reload Network locations as well.

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