Prepaid Meal Card Axis Bank

The Prepaid Meal Card from Axis Bank is one of the easiest ways to distribute tax-free meal funds to employees. It can also be used to finalized payment requirements that some organizations may have to their employees.

This prepaid card option is intended for cardholders who live and work in India.

The Prepaid Meal Card is very easy to use. Authorized workers can use this new Visa prepaid card at any enabled food or beverage merchant outlet. Cardholders receive a convenient form of payment that allows them to process transactions quickly. Employers benefit by improving their operational efficiency.

If you’re tired of issuing paper vouchers to your workers, then this is the prepaid option to consider.

How to Use the Prepaid Meal Card by Axis Bank

These corporate meal cards receive funds from employers who need to compensate employees in specific ways. Flexible funding options range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 20,000.

Cardholders are permitted to spend a maximum of Rs. 20,000 per day, based on funding availability on the card itself.

Meal cards from Axis Bank cannot be used to make an online payment.

Fees for the Prepaid Meal Card are dependent upon the number that are requested and what the average monetary upload will be for all workers. The replacement card charges and redemption charges are Rs. 100, plus taxes, for each incidence.

Cardholders Can Check Their Balance at Any Time

Axis Bank has created an easy way for cardholders to check the balance of their Prepaid Meal Card in real time. The initial kit offers cardholders an ATM, a telebanking, and an internet banking PIN.

To check the balance, cardholders must go to the home page for Axis Bank. After selecting the prepaid cards option, their login ID, the prepaid card number, must be entered. Then enter the appropriate PIN as the password.

Once entered, cardholders can view a small statement of their activities and receive their current balance.

If the Prepaid Meal Card expires, then cardholders are required to surrender their card at their local branch. For balances of Rs. 100 or above, a refund will be issued to the cardholder if a claim for a refund is processed up to 90 days after the expiration date. Any remaining funds that are not claimed within this time period become the property of the bank.

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