Wells Fargo EasyPay Card

Wells Fargo Prepaid Card

With the Wells Fargo EasyPay card, you’re applying for one of the most convenient prepaid cards that is available right now. It is a simple, straight-forward solution for anyone who may need a prepaid card to help them with their budget or finances.

Because the EasyPay card is directly associated with Wells Fargo, cardholders get to take advantage of this financial institution’s extensive network. Users can reload cash or make withdrawals at more than 5,800 local branches or at one of 13,000+ ATMs that are currently available.

How to Manage the Wells Fargo EasyPay Card

The EasyPay card by Wells Fargo feels a lot like a traditional checking account in the way it is managed. Sign up for online banking at the home site and you’ll be able to see your purchasing history and available balance. This prepaid card is also compatible with the mobile banking app created by Wells Fargo.

You can sign up for specific alerts that monitor your card activity, including balance alerts, to stay within a budget. Cardholders also gain access to the helpful “My Spending Report” tool that helps to monitor personal trends in spending.

Deposit funds by direct deposit, through the Wells Fargo app, or by making a deposit of cash or checks at your local Wells Fargo branch or ATM.

Fees to Expect with the EasyPay Card

Wells Fargo charges a $5 monthly service fee for the EasyPay card. There is also a minimum opening deposit of $25 required when completing your application for this card.

There are 8 types of fees associated with the EasyPay card. The most important to consider is the $125 fee for legal processing. This fee can be charged up to twice monthly whenever a garnishment, levy, or similar order is received by Wells Fargo.

No fees are charged for purchases, ATM in-network withdrawals, or cash deposits at authorized locations.

The EasyPay card is one of the few prepaid options which accepts incoming wire transfers, both domestically and internationally. The current fee is $15-$16, depending upon the origin of the transfer.

There is a $2.50 fee for using out-of-network ATMs for cash withdrawals. This fee may be waived for some applicants based on their geographic location or job duties. Cardholders who are part of the Wells Fargo worldwide military banking initiative and have an EasyPay card may receive up to 4 interactions with a non-network ATM without incurring a fee.

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