T24 Black Visa Prepaid Card

Many prepaid cards work hard to limit your spending power. The T24 Black Visa prepaid card takes a different approach. Using modern chip technologies, cardholders can receive up to $50,000 in spending power with a notarized identification.

Even without fulfilling the ID requirement, the standard limit for the T24 Black Visa prepaid card is $20,000.

Benefits Associated with the T24 Black Visa Prepaid Card

Cardholders can use their T24 Black Visa prepaid card worldwide. As long as the Visa card is accepted by a merchant or ATM, the balance on this card is accessible.

A helpful mobile app with this prepaid card allows cardholders to access all their benefits whenever they have a data connection.

Cardholders are also granted a complimentary Priority Pass membership with their card. This membership provides discounted lounge access in more than 850 airports around the world. Some lounges include conference rooms and exclusive internet access. Some lounges may also allow guest entry for a small fee.

Retail purchases, refund transactions, and declined transactions are all free with the T24 Black Visa.

Because this prepaid card is designed for the global traveler, it has one of the lowest available foreign transaction fees available: 1.8%. This fee applies for foreign currency transactions that do not include the greenback.

Fees to Expect with the T24 Black Visa Prepaid Card

There are two account option available with the T24 Black Visa. The full account, which includes the $20,000 standard limit, extendable to $50,000, and the Priority Pass, is available with a $150 application fee.

A limited account option, with no complimentary services, is available with a $110 application fee.

Activation of the card is free, as is the process of getting or changing a PIN.

Card to card transfers, by SMS text or online, are $2 per occurrence. The same fee applies for bank or telegraphic transfer loading. A minimum loading transaction of $20 is required for all transfers, with a maximum load per day of $1,000 for card-to-card transfers and $20,000 for bank or telegraphic transfers.

A maximum ATM withdrawal limit of $2,000 applies to all cardholders. A $1.20 fee for an ATM withdrawal applies, with a maximum of 6 withdrawals permitted per day.

After the first year of holding the T24 Black Visa prepaid card, a $15 monthly service charge applies to the account. There is also a $50 administration fee.

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