Bluebird card

It is a card that is provided by Wal-Mart and the American Express catering for people with the account and those who doesn’t have an account. With this card, you can operate other four accounts being managed and regulated by the primary account.

Hence, as a parent, you can open an account for your child who is 13 years old and above, deposit money there for him or her to use, without you giving them cash and also withdrawing money from them.

Loading cash in the account is free of charge whereby the card owners can reload freely through Wal-Mart stores and by use of their mobile phones after downloading the Bluebird app system. You can use the card to pay bills online, transfer money to other people Bluebird accounts free of charge. Withdrawing money from any Money Pass ATMs widely available is free.

But withdrawing from any non-money pass ATM, a $ 2.50 fee charge is incurred. If you opt to withdrawal in a Wal-Mart store, the processing charge can be higher ranging from $ 3 up to $ 9. The cardholder can use the card in various joints that accept the American Express Visa as a mode of payment.

It is a debit card hence no credit check that is conducted plus as a client you are not charged monthly fees as opposed to other cards. As a card holder you benefit in regards to fraud and purchase protection whereby before you purchase an item online, Amex verifies your purchase.

It offers a personal way of managing one’s finance as you can set spending limits for your family members operating the other four accounts. Its mobile app enables one to manage their accounts wherever they are, making convenient for use.

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