KeyBank Key Possibilities Prepaid MasterCard

Key Bank Prepaid Card

Unlike some other bank-issued prepaid card opportunities, the KeyBank prepaid MasterCard is more of a gift card than a debit card. It can be purchased in varying amounts, from $25 to $2,500, and then used until either the card expires or the balance has been removed. A low fee for each card also applies with the Key Possibilities card.

These cards may not be reloadable, but refund credits and other purchase refunds will be applied to the card. For non-members of KeyBank, the maximum value that can be purchased is $500.

Fees Associated with the Key Possibilities Card

Every card purchased from KeyBank is subject to an issuance fee of $3.95. This fee applies immediately to the balance of the card. This is the only fee that applies to the card. Since 2010, KeyBank has discontinued their $1 ATM withdrawal fee, cash advance fee, and ATM balance inquiry fee. The $9.95 refund processing fee and $2.50 monthly maintenance fee for cards inactive 12 months or longer has also been rescinded.

You can use your Key Possibilities prepaid MasterCard to withdraw up to $300 per day at an ATM.

To use the Key Possibilities card, it must be purchased and activated at any KeyBank branch. Bulk orders for these gift cards are also possible through a branch manager.

There are no transaction fees that are listed as applying to purchases made with this card. The only fee that is listed is the $3.95 issuance fee.

What if My Key Possibilities Prepaid Card Expires?

Once the KeyBank prepaid card expires, account holders lose any access they have to the funds that may still be available on the card. KeyBank requires that cardholders provide a refund request for a remaining balance within 30 days of the expiration date. After 30 days, no requests for a refund will be honored.

The funds on this prepaid MasterCard, even though it is treated as a gift card by KeyBank, are FDIC-insured.

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